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My grandpa R.M. was always the image of strength…whether it be as a family father figure, a man of great faith and kindness, an established and savvy business owner, or a man who has overcome every physical ailment thrown his way…he was iron clad, invincible. It wasn’t until my own recent success in fighting a lifelong weight loss battle, and seeing him slowly fade in his battle with cancer that I realized no one is. For years we watched Grandpa get thrown curveball after curveball…first a knee replacement, then bypass surgery, and eventually diabetes and cancer. It never occurred to me until I had my own child, just how important taking care of our bodies is or how much of an impact losing a person can have on a family. We lost Grandpa this year…our iron man had fallen. Before he passed away, on one of my visits to the hospital, I was recounting the incredible experience of running my very first marathon…26 miles and nearly 5 hours of my feet pounding the pavement of Chicago, my lungs shrinking and expanding, my heart fueling my body. My grandpa was amazed, proud, and regretful…he wished he had taken better care of himself, and wished he had challenged his body more. His words of what he should have done filled me with a fire to not only do these things for myself, but for him, for my daughter, for my family and our future! We may have lost grandpa to cancer, but it’s his fight and his impact on our lives that keep him invincible in our hearts. So I Ironman for RM. I Ironman for the fight. I Ironman for every child with a dream to live, to seek adventure, to grow and to learn! Join me by making a contribution, big or small...together we will make an impact in his honor, together we will fight for life!

The image of strength...

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